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Imagination, Exploration, and Creation

Art with Tory and Jalaina, Brittany’s 2nd and 3rd grade class          Nov 24th, 2018

Semester Overview:

Over the course of this unit, we taught a total of three lessons. The first lesson was a "get to know you" lesson. We had our students draw a representation of their identity on a puzzle piece. We connected our puzzle pieces at the end and the students got to see how everyone’s puzzle piece was different but fit together to form a puzzle (class). The second lesson was titled "Hybrid Animals.” In this lesson we had the students research two different animals of their interest. The students then created a hybrid of those two animals by using paper mache. The last lesson was titled "Fairy Tale Story Book.” In this lesson, we had our students create a fairy tale by illustrating the scenes from the story that they created. The students then constructed this into a book.​

A Closer Look…

Lesson 1: get to know you puzzle

Outcomes: Our goal for student learning in lesson one was to have our students create artwork that represents who they are by using symbolism and imagery, learn to describe their artistic decisions by using art vocabulary, and to discover new media and materials.


Materials and processes: Our class used colored pencils, markers, and crayons to create their puzzle pieces. This lesson was a pre-assessment. We observed our students and learned what skills and drawing abilities they have by giving them freedom of choice in this project. After this lesson we understood what our students knew or have yet to learn.


Lesson 2: Hybrid Animals

Outcomes: We had many learning objectives for the hybrid animal project. We wanted our students to discover different geographic locations by researching two different animals, create a hybrid animal from their research, reflect on both their peer’s work and their own work by using art vocabulary, form facial features by using references, and identify their artistic choices by verbalizing their artistic decisions in their artwork.


Materials and processes: Our class explored drawing by first sketching ideas for their hybrid animals with colored pencils. They got to experience a new process by building armatures for their animal masks with newspaper and tape with the help of a partner. Our students learned how to paper mache using newspaper and paper pulp, Lastly, students had the opportunity to explore painting by using acrylic paint to design their animal faces.


Lesson 3: Fairy tales

Outcomes: This lesson focused on teaching our students to plan a story by understanding story plot  features, create an illustration of the events from their fairy tales by referencing their writing, comprehend how to utilize illustration to tell their story by using their imagination, construct a book by using book making techniques, demonstrate their artist intention by verbalizing their artistic decision making, and reflecting on both their peer’s work and their own work by using art vocabulary.

Materials and Processes: In our fairy tale unit our students explored the role of a writer and illustrator. They wrote their own stories and used watercolor, oil pastels, markers, and colored pencils to illustrate their stories. They got to discover a bookmaking technique by gluing their writing and illustrations to a page and compiling them into a book. They even created their own cover pages!

Visual Art Standards:

1. Observe and learn to COMPREHEND

2.Invent and discover to CREATE

3.Envision and critique to REFLECT

4.Relate and connect to TRANSFER


Key concepts:

  • Imagination

  • Representation

  • Observation

  • Exploration

  • Research

  • Artist intent

  • Exploration

  • Armature

  • Teamwork

  • Hybrid

  • Illustration

  • Story telling

  • Planning


Enduring understandings:

Artists and designers…

  • Use their imagination to create a story.

  • Tell stories through artwork.

  • Create art by planning.

  • Explore by using research to inform their artistic choices.

  • Use intention when making their artwork by

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